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This group is strictly intended for SCA armor only. This will be to review armor, sales, service and pricing. Negative reviews can be posted. This is not a flame board but to be used as a Shopping Get the best deals on SCA Armor when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. SCA Wearable Armor.

Sca armor

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Free delivery and returns on eligible  Replica di brigantina attribuibile all'ultimo quarto del XV secolo, realizzata su misura della mia persona nel 2010. Il particolare motivo formato dai ribattini allo  Shop Sexig Armor för SCA för Kaffemugg skapades av MalarkeyPie. Anpassa med bilder och text eller inhandla, som den är! A resource for historic arms and armor collectors with photo galleries, reviews Wisby Coat of Plates Sca Armor, Samurai Armor, Knight Armor, Medieval Armor,. av joshua brunner.

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As a fighter myself, I know what fighters want and need in armor. Specialty Armour Here you can shop for or design your very own piece of medieval armour, medieval helmets, or medieval accessories to use in the SCA, BoTN, or ACL battlefields, cosplay, Steampunk, or to use as a gorgeous mantel piece. "The Guardians" Clamshells Design (SCA Armor) Price $350.00. Riveted Chainmail.

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In addition to our range of functional armour, we carry an assortment of decorative armour for display in your home or use as props. Dale has been making steel armor for the SCA and movies since 1991, and saw a need for a light-weight, durable and inexpensive alternative. Dale's suits have won several awards in the past, including "Best in Show" at the 1998 CANvention , and "Best Artizan" at the 1999 Ad Astra . Raven Enterprises Master Ragnarr Hardraada of Trimaris offers many patterns for armor.

Arm armour includes functional arm bracers, pauldrons, gauntlets and spaulders. Many pieces of our steel armour are custom made to your measurements and you can select what type of steel, gauge of steel or thickness and color. Our functional steel armour is used by SCA groups, medieval fairs, movies, LARP events, and reenactments. www.trinityarmory.net Trinity Arms Armor SCA HMB EMP BUHURT.
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Sca armor

www.trinityarmory.net Trinity Arms Armor SCA HMB EMP BUHURT. 206-660-6155 by text. Founder of the Water is Life Program We bring clean water to the poorest children of the world. Everyone deserves clean water, and a … SCA Armor Spangen Helm Five Piece Barrel Helm Gorget Half Gauntlets A Welded Basket Hilt Vambraces Greaves. Spangen Helm . My third and fifth attempts at a good SCA-legal Germundbu style helmet in 14ga CRS. My current helm is on the left; Rollo wore the one on the right at Pensic 30, and the enemy reverberated before him. Now this medieval armor is in almost perfect condition and is shown in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glazgo, Scotland.

6,670 views6.6K Armor for SCA Armored Combat - part (2/3). elvegast. elvegast. People make fun of plastic armor until they realize ours is plastic. The biggest obstacle to someone joining the SCA and fighting is the up-front cost of the kit.
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Sca armor

muskets. Blackwood Jewellery A modest assortment of decorative rivets in silver and bronze Bandguns -dot- Com Quality period projectile weapons for SCA fencing. Wheel lock, matchlock, and flintlock pistols using surgical tubing ammunition, as used in many SCA Sharukhan Market is the network of armourers who have 15 years of experience in improving defense, appearance and overall quality of the armor. Our equipment has been proved as on of the most reliable, great looking and authentic The requirement is for rigid material covering the throat down to the jugular notch, and covering the cervical vertabrae in the back.Rigid material is defined as material that will not deform under a 12kg pressure (e.g. a mask punchtester), some items that should pass the rigidity test are a. 22 gauge stainless steel (0.8 mm), b.

Heavy fighting can also be an expensive hobby, so why spend $1,000 or more on a suit of armor when you can spend $250? Our metal steel armor is great for medieval reenactments, stage events, and theater productions, as it lends a touch of authenticity and realism to your look. And of course, it also goes without saying that it is perfect for SCA events and LARP battles, where you will really appreciate the level of protection that a good suit of steel can provide.
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We offer many different style reproduction leather armor items which are SCA legal, as well as many re-enactment and costume pieces that are made to perform. Aside from our standard items, we carry many hand made products that are custom made to fit at the time of order. Matt Johnston of Dedham aka Matthaus Kettner, his SCA name, poses in his 1520s Bavarian dress. Johnson is a metalsmith who created his own fencing helmet made from hammered sheet steel in his work shop. Johnston has also created metal armor made in the same fashion. Trinity Finger Gauntlets (Stainless & Titanium Steel) Trinity Warlord Mitten Gauntlets (large Stainless Gold) Trinity Warlord Mitten Gauntlets (large Stainless) $200.00. $350.00.